APOPCYTO Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit (THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Alternative Product Code: 4805)

Caspase Fluorometric Assay Kit for apoptosis detection.



We are sorry for the inconvenience; this product code has been discontinued. Alternative Product Code: 4805

Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit is provided to detect caspase-8 activity in cell extract with IETD-AMC as a substrate, which IETD sequence is recognized by active caspase-8 selectively. APOPCYTO Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit is composed of reagents necessary for the detection, which are Cell Lysis buffer, Reaction buffer and so on. Caspase-8 activity can be detected easily and quickly using APOPCYTO Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit.

Target: Caspase-8
Product Type: Apoptosis Kit
Size: 100 Assays
Research Area / Disease: Apoptosis
Storage Temperature: -20°C. Please refer to datasheet for additional information
Regulatory Statement: For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


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Code 4820
Product Type Apoptosis Kit
Size 100 Assays
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