Webinar – Detecting antigen specific T cells in conjunction with intracellular cytokines

Oct 5, 2021

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Join Dr. Orkash Hushur, Business Development Manager/Study Director, for a live webinar on Tuesday, October 5that Noon ET. Using multicolor staining to detect antigen specific T cells with MHC tetramers and antibodies against other biomarkers is a powerful analytical tool set.  The information derived allows for profiling of antigen specific T cells by single analysis, and also provides time and cost savings to reduce the number of experiments and amount of precious samples and reagents used.  Learn best practices and helpful tips for using MHC tetramers in conjunction with antibodies. You will also have the ability to ask specific questions at the end of the presentation.


This presentation will cover:

  • Basic staining protocol for antigen specific T cell receptor (TCR) together with other surface markers
  • TCR and surface marker staining in conjunction with intracellular staining for cytokines
  • Antigen specific cell positive control preparation by using an antigen recall method