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Anti-PML (Human) mAb

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M041-3 Anti-PML (Human) mAb 100 µg/100 µL $288.75

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Anti-PML (Human) mAb Specifications

Clone Number:1B9
Formulation:1 mg/mL in PBS/50% glycerol, pH 7.2
Host Species:Mouse
Immunogen:Recombinant Human full length PML
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Type:Primary Antibody
Size:100 µg/100 µL
Species Reactivities:Human

Applications: WB,IPP,FCM,ICC

FCM:10 µg/mL
ICC:1 µg/mL
WB:1 µg/mL
  1. Yung TM et al. Cellular dynamics of the negative transcription elongation factor NELF. Exp Cell Res. 315, 1693-705 (2009) (PMID:19245807)
  2. Tagata T et al. Phosphorylation of PML is essential for activation of C/EBP epsilon and PU.1 to accelerate granulocytic differentiation. Leukemia. 22, 273-80 (2008) (PMID:17989726) Application: IP
  3. Yoshida H et al. PML-retinoic acid receptor alpha inhibits PML IV enhancement of PU.1-induced C/EBPepsilon expression in myeloid differentiation. Mol Cell Biol. 27, 5819-34 (2007) (PMID:17562868) Application: IP
  4. Nguyen LA et al., Physical and functional link of the leukemia-associated factors AML1 and PML. Blood. 105, 292-300 (2005) (PMID:15331439) Application: IP
  5. Al Rashid ST et al., Evidence for the direct binding of phosphorylated p53 to sites of DNA breaks in vivo. Cancer Res. 65, 10810-21 (2005) (PMID:16322227) Application: IC


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Anti-PML (Human) mAb