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VCIP/PAP2B Monoclonal Antibody

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VCIP/PAP2B Monoclonal Antibody Specifications

Background:VCIP (VEGF & type I Collagen Inducible Protein, phosphatidic acid phosphatase 2b, PAP2b) is a member of the phosphatidic acid phosphatase (PAP) family that function in de novo synthesis of glycerolipids as well as in receptor-activated signal transduction mediated by phospholipase D. VCIP is a glycoprotein localized at the cell plasma membrane. Expression of VCIP promotes adhesion, spreading, and tyrosine phosphorylation of Fak, Shc, Cas and paxillin in endothelial cells.1 VCIP-induced cell-cell interactions regulate specific intracellular signaling pathways that involve p120-catenin, Fak, Akt, and GSK3β protein kinases.1
Clone Number:ZV002
Host Species:mouse
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Isotype:IgG1 k
Product Type:Primary Antibody
Size:100 ug
Species Reactivities:H

Applications: WB, ELISA

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