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Anti-Fas Ligand (CD178) (Human) mAb

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D042-3 Anti-Fas Ligand (CD178) (Human) mAb 100 ug $324.45

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Anti-Fas Ligand (CD178) (Human) mAb Specifications

Clone Number:4A5
Formulation:After reconstitution with 100 uL of distilled water, the IgG concentration should be 1.0 mg/mL in PBS/10 mg/mL sucrose, pH 7.2
Host Species:Hamster
Immunogen:Recombinant Human Fas ligand
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Type:Primary Antibody
Reactivity:This antibody reacts with human soluble and membrane binding Fas Ligand.
Size:100 ug
Source:This antibody was purified from culture supernatant by ammonium sulfate precipitation and affinity chromatography on protein A agarose. This hybridoma (clone 4A5) was established by fusion of mouse myeloma cell P3U1 with Armenian hamster lymphocyte immuni
Species Reactivities:Human

Applications: FCM,ELISA

FCM:20 ug/mL
1) Gilhar, A., et al., Am. J. Pathol. 168, 170-175 (2006) 2) Uno, K., et al., Blood 101, 3658-3667 (2003) 3) Zanin-Zhorov, A., et al., J. Immunol. 171, 5882-5889 (2003) 4) Durieu, I., et al., Thorax 54, 1093-1098 (1999) 5) Sato, K., et al., Br. J. Haemato


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Anti-Fas Ligand (CD178) (Human) mAb