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Human S100A11

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Human S100A11 Specifications

Background:The S100 proteins comprise a family of 25 small acidic proteins (9-13 kDa) that are characterized by the presence of two calcium-binding EF-hand motifs (1, 2). Among the different human S100 genes, 22 are clustered at chromosome locus 1q21 (3), a region frequently involved in chromosomal rearrangement in cancers (-6). Thirteen S100 proteins (S100A2, S100A3, S100A4, S100A6, S100A7, S100A8, S100A9, S100A10, S100A11, S100A12, S100A15, S100B, and S100P) are expressed in normal and/or diseased epidermis. S100A11 (S100C, calgizarrin) is a member of the S100 family proteins, which is expressed in smooth muscle and other tissues. It is also localized in the cytoplasm in resting cells and moves to the cell periphery in cultured epidermal keratinocytes following calcium challenge. This movement requires the presence of intact microtubules. S100A11 was shown to bind to annexin A1 and the S100A11/annexin I complex is a heterotetramer consisting of two S100A11 and two annexin I proteins. Ca2+ binding to S100A11 induces a conformational change that exposes a hydrophobic surface for interaction with target proteins. S100A11 was also shown to interact with annexin A6 in Ca2+-dependent manner
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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