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CycLex® Cellular Histone Acetylation Assay Kit

This Kit is used for the semi-quantitative measurement of histone acetylation level in situ by means of cell-based ELISA.

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CY-1140 CycLex® Cellular Histone Acetylation Assay Kit 96 assays x 2 $483.00

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CycLex® Cellular Histone Acetylation Assay Kit Specifications

Background:Acetylation and deacetylation of nucleosomal histones play an important role in the modulation of chromatin structure, chromatin function and in the regulation of gene expression. Histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and histone deacetylases (HDACs) are two opposing classes of enzymes, which tightly control the equilibrium of histone acetylation. An imbalance in the equilibrium of histone acetylation has been associated with carcinogenesis and cancer progression. So far, a number of structurally distinct classes of compounds have been identified as HDAC inhibitors including the short-chain fatty acids, hydroxamates, cyclic tetrapeptides and benzamides. These compounds lead to an accumulation of acetylated histone proteins both in tumor cells and in normal tissues. HDAC inhibitors are able to activate differentiation, to arrest the cell cycle in G1 and/or G2, and to induce apoptosis in transformed or cancer cells. Attention is currently being drawn to molecular mechanisms involving histone deacetylases. An induction of p21WAF1 and a suppression of angiogenic stimulating factors have been observed in tumor cells following exposure to HDAC inhibitors. In xenograft models, several HDAC inhibitors have demonstrated antitumor activity with only few side effects. Several clinical trials showed that HDAC inhibitors in well-tolerated doses have significant antitumoral activities. A combination of HDAC inhibitors with differentiation-inducing agents and cytotoxic drugs is an innovative therapeutic strategy that carries the potential for significant improvements in the treatment of cancer.
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Kit Components:Microplate, 100X Trichostatin A, 10X Wash Buffer, Blocking Reagent, Primary Antibody Solution(Anti-Acetylated Histone/p53-K382 Monoclonal Antibody TM-5C5), Secondary Antibody Solution (HRP conjugated Anti-Mouse IgG), Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
Product Type:Kit
Size:96 assays x 2
Target:Cellular Histone Acetylation


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CycLex® Cellular Histone Acetylation Assay Kit