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Anti-SLC9A1/NHE1 polyclonal antibody Trial size

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Anti-SLC9A1/NHE1 polyclonal antibody Trial size Specifications

Background:SLC9A1 (NHE1), a member of the Na+/H+ exchanger family, is a ubiquitous membrane protein that regulates intracellular pH and cell volume. Furthermore, SLC9A1 is known to interact with the actin cytoskeleton. Fibroblasts expressing mutated NHE1 that fails to interact with actin-related proteins show impaired organization of focal adhesion points and actin stress fibers, and an irregular cell shape. Polymorphisms of the SLC9A1 gene have been reported in association with essential hypertension.
Gene ID Human:6548
Gene ID Mouse:20544
Host Species:Rabbit
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Type:Primary Antibody
Reactivity:This antibody can be used to stain endogenous antigen in paraffin embedded human tissues including stomach and kidney by immunohistochemistry. The reactivity of this antibody has been confirmed by Western blotting, Immunocytochemistry and Flow cytometry t
Source:This antibody was affinity purified from rabbit serum. The rabbit was immunized with a synthetic peptide derived from human SLC9A1.


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