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Phospho-IR/IGF1R [pYpY1162/1163] Polyclonal Antibody

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AT-2038 Phospho-IR/IGF1R [pYpY1162/1163] Polyclonal Antibody 100 µL $374.74

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Phospho-IR/IGF1R [pYpY1162/1163] Polyclonal Antibody Specifications

Background:Biological actions of insulin and IGF-1 are mediated by their respective cell surface receptor tyrosine kinases that regulate multiple signaling pathways through activation of a series of phosphorylation cascades. The IR and IGF-1R are heterotetrameric proteins consisting of two ligand-binding subunits and two subunits that each contain a tyrosine kinase domain. Insulin/IGF-1 binding to the extracellular domain leads to auto-phosphorylation of the receptor and activation of the intrinsic tyrosine kinase activity, leading to tyrosine phosphorylation of downstream target proteins. These two receptors differ in sequence in regions that confer specificity for the designated ligand as well as in certain intracellular signaling domains, resulting in significant differences in the functional consequences of activation of each receptor. The catalytic loops within the tyrosine kinase domains of the IR/IGF1R contain a three tyrosine motif corresponding to tyrosines 1158, 1162 and 1163 (for the IR) and 1131, 1135 and 1136 (for the IGF1R). It is generally believed that autophosphorylation within the activation loop proceeds in a processive manner initiating at the second tyrosine (1162 or 1135), followed by phosphorylation at the first tyrosine (1158 or 1131), then the last (1163 or 1136), upon which the IR or IGF1R becomes fully active.
Host Species:Rabbit
Regulatory Statement:For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Type:Primary Antibody
Size:100 µL
Species Reactivities:H
Target:Phospho-IR/IGF1R [pYpY1162/1163]

Applications: WB, IH

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